Frequently Asked Questions

To join Bc-Miners, you need to have Bitcoins so you can pay for your package. Bitcoins are the only accepted payment method. We do not accept any fiat currency.
Important! Make sure to buy enough Bitcoins when you want to purchase a package. The transaction fee for sending Bitcoins is not included in the pricing of our products.
There are several websites where you can buy your Bitcoins. We recommend the sites listed below.Don’t forget to set up your Bitcoin wallet before making a purchase.
Buying Bitcoins:
- Cubits (www.cubits.com)
- Coinbase (www.coinbase.com)
- Bitpesa for African users (www.bitpesa.com)
Making a withdrawal is very easy. Follow the steps listed below.
1. Access your account
2. Go to e-wallet management
3. Request payout release
And make your withdrawal.
Important! It may take up to 48 hours before you receive your requested amount.
Yes, members can transfer funds from one account to another.
Log into your account and go to “Member Management”.
We recommend that our users use Blockchain as a wallet.The wallet is not only needed to make a purchase but also needs to be available when withdrawing your earnings.
- Blockchain (Blockchain.info)
We also recommend that our users set up a Google Authenticator app for their wallet for protection.
All mining earnings are paid weekly. You can make a withdrawal at any time from your back office to your Bitcoin wallet.